Fried Oreos & Fried hansel Sandwiches too

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have been craving for a something sweet a couple of weeks ago. . . but I didn’t know exactly what I really wanted. So I tried to disregard the craving and watch youtube videos instead. But while browsing through videos I stumbled upon a How-to-video. One that shows how to make:

Fried Oreos!

Fried Oreos come in different shapes and sizes. It was sold in carnivals and other fairs mostly in the U.S. I’m not really sure where it originated. A friend of mine posted a blog about a treat thats somehow similar to these deep fried oreos in January 2011. I’ll put a link on her post right below:

But here’s my version:

There’s really not much of an explaining to do. simply put: It is Deep Fried Oreos. Yes, it’s fried in oil! what else? I know what your thinking. too much calorie intake. Well, thats true, but I won’t eat this everyday! duh. haha but If I can I probably would. For those interested on how I made this here’s a video tutorial:

here are the ingredients that I used:

I also experimented with the Hansel sandwiches in Mocha flavor and for me It tastes even better!

and here’s the original one with the oreos:

If I would describe this sweet treat in one word it would be: sinful. It’s very tasty but at the same time you don’t want to chow down too much of it. You don’t want to develop heart conditions or diabetes do you?

haha! well thats it for now. I hope you try out this new sinful treat!


craving for something sweet @ 5:00pm

February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

last weekend, at around 5:00 in the afternoon…

i craved for something sweet. I can have unexpected sweet tooth cravings from time to time. nut i had none to worry since my mom has sweet snacks stored in our pantry. . . (sosyal dba? lol)

so the first thing i did was i checked for a chocolate fudge bar (fudge bar bala). that we almost (always) have. BUT but BUT! surprisingly: “our pantry was empty” yeah! it was empty! probably because mama forgot to include chocolate fudge bars on her grocery list.

so, what did i do?

i scavenged the fridge and the kitchen cabinets a.k.a. pantry, to see if I could work something out. and viola!

I made pancakes! the flat ones which are more like crepes but a little bit thicker.

well, its not technically a pancake since i had a few ingredients missing when i made em’

i took the remaining flour that i used in my meatball pasta a few weeks back.  (i did not measure the flour btw 🙂

added about 1/4 of a glass of water, an egg, half a teaspoon of chocolate powder a.k.a MILO haha! and a teaspoon of oil. which i almost forgot to add but my 6 year old cousin gladly reminded me to add it to the mixture since she saw blues clues make pancakes in one of it’s episodes before. thank you blues clues! teehee ^,^ I did not have baking powder or yeast on hand thats why i had to skip that part. lastly I added a few tablespoons of sugar.

while i was making the pancakes, my little cousin asked me if we had maple syrup to add on top. sadly we didnt have one. but! I thought of something fun to do. I made chocolate syrup! Milo version hehe ^,^

I mixed a teaspoon of hot water to a  tablespoon of milo chocolate drink. . . (instant chocolate sauce)

I know this is not the conventional pancakes but hey! the kiddos loved it! and i heart it too! the next morning right after i got out of bed, my 6 yr old cousin asked me “nang ellen, ma luto ka pancakes? for breakfast?” i answered, “wala na ta galing sang flour ga” she gave me sad puppy like eyes and said “ahay, makaon naku tne pro. gutom gutom gid ko” haha!

my two little cousins. the little one is my 6 year old cousin who is a blue's clues fan.

surely, I will make my “flat” pancakes again pretty soon. 😛 its definitely a big CHECK on my yummy meter!